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Theme:  The Fast Track vs The Mother Road


Everyone should see Pixar's new animated movie, Cars.  Children, of course, will be delighted with the film and NASCAR fans will find it humorous, but the real reason everyone should see Cars is because the movie portrays two very different roads of life.  There are deep philosophical questions being asked in this film.  "What road are you on?" "How does one find life?"  "Where are you gong?"  The most profound truths can be taught with childlike simplicity.  All it takes is humility to see them (Matthew 18: 3-6).

The Fast Track

The movie opens with Lightening McQueen saying the words, "I am speed!".  Speed is at the heart of this story.  The fast track is what McQueen is on; be it a race track or an interstate highway.  Life in the fast lane is not racing, it is a way of life.  It is life about self (solo mio), with no time for friends.  Rather, there are talking machines that masquerade as friends.  On this track there can be only one winner; therefore, it becomes hostile and fear based, with everyone trying to take over and become the next king.  This is a superficial world (stickers for headlights), a shame-based world (ashamed of one's origin - RustEze), and a prideful world (no need of a pit crew).  What is important is speed and winning.  The destination is always a crash, even if it's preceded by Hollywood glory and an empty cup.

The Mother Road

McQueen's penchant for speed and making time comes to a halt when he forces Mack to drive all night.  The unexpected detour that results when Mack falls asleep takes Lightening off the fast track and onto the Mother Road.  The road brings him to Radiator Springs; it brings him to a community - not a crowd.  The metaphor of springs in the desert being a source of refreshing and renewal is not lost here.  This community is made up of those cast off by the fast track worlds who have found a new way of life.  This is a love based community where all the cars exist to serve other cars.  They provide shelter, paint, repairs, gas, tires, and even bumper stickers.

The introduction to this community is the flashing yellow light, which means slow.  Slowing down gives one time. Here there is time for friendship, time to have fun, time to go for a drive, time for beauty, time to race, time to learn from an old pro, time to sleep, time to dream and time to be real.  The message is clear.  The fast track by passes the springs, and the cars suffer for it.  They never know that the real destination is Wheel Well not Hollywood.

How does one make the transition from the fast track to the Mother Road?  How does one even recognize the Mother Road and her jewels like Radiator Springs?  Certainly it is not by their appearance for they both look old,  worn and deserted.

One makes the transition and finds the road the same way Lightening McQueen did:


Someone drew him off the track.


He came to the end of himself.


He was loved unconditionally by a Friend.


He was hooked up to Bessie, and 'Bessie' means "consecrated to God".

When that happens, a new road appears, and that road brings a new life and destination.

Remember the questions:

What road are you on?
How will you find life?
Where are you going?

Scripture:  John 14: 5-6

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